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Important – the house call appointment protocol is to meet outdoors, using masks and keeping 6ft distance.
If the pet’s condition and the weather allow, please plan on an outdoors appointment.


Ideally, plan on an outdoors appointment. If your pet’s temperament, medical condition, or the weather do not allow for this, we can accommodate on a case-by-case basis

DM Magee DVM, PhD, cVMA

Dr. Magee is the veterinarian at both the New Jersey and California locations. She is a graduate of Auburn University CVM and Tufts VETS. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association.
In 2012, Dr. Magee started Sterling Veterinary Services, a house call veterinary practice in Monterey, California.
In 2015, Dr. Magee started splitting her time between the West Coast and the East Coast, offering house call veterinary services in Central and North New Jersey as well.
The practice is named Sterling, after the Magees’ beloved Weimaraner, whose outline is seen in the practice logo.

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